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Welcome to the detective and private invastigation agency Detektiv SYSTEM Detektei ® located in Frankfurt, Germany

DSD Detektiv SYSTEM Detektei ® GmbH is based in the international and conveniently located city Frankfurt, Germany. The professional team profits from his experienced and skilled investigators and employees that gave proof of their expertise many times in cases all over the world.

discreet premarital investigation by Detektiv SYSTEM Detektei ® international
Detektiv SYSTEM Detektei ® Business Investigations: Fraud Investigation Services. P.I. observed. (typical sample)
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Servicehotline (call from Germany): 0800 6255360

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DSD Detektiv SYSTEM Detektei ® GmbH draws upon decades of expertise to give you the superior investigative support you expect.

Our bureau networked with partner-agencys

Our bureau Detektei Frankfurt am Main is networked with partner-agencies (private investigators, private eyes, inquiry agents) in many different countries to assure not beeing limited only in the German region. Our résumé contains intra-continental and intercontinental commissions for example in Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Norway, Austria, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, Middle East, Thailand, Indonesia, Africa, North and South America.

Frankfurt based p.i.

We choose Frankfurt as our business location on purpose, because it can be seen as the heart of Europe. Due to its advantageous locationand internationality it is uncomplicated for us beeing ready anytime for in-country and abroad commissions. To operate local independent is one of the most important capabilities for a modern private investigation agency. We build a multi-lingual team to achieve this flexibility. Just to give examples German, English, Polish and Italian are languages that our team is proficient in.

Our credo is professionality, effiency and quality

Some of our team-members have even a military past and bring a profitable philosophy to our company. Solution-focused and passionate work is what we want to unveil. Every client wether from the private or economy sector will be personalized advised. Personal support service is something we place importance on because our client satisfaction has priority. Our credo is professionality, effiency and quality. We are keeping the quality standard of DIN ISO 9000 Series.

Civil Investigation, Criminal Investigation, Secret Investigation and Hidden Surveillance in Germany, Europe and worldwide

  • Surveillance and Observation (employment law / industrial law)
  • Undercover p.i.-operations
  • Protection from Eavesdropping
  • Forensic Services
  • Insurance Claim Investigation
  • Corporate Intelligence
  • Counterfeiting Intelligence and Brand Protection
  • Counterintelligence
  • Internal Corporate Investigation
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Asset Tracing and Recovery
  • Background Screening Services
  • Forensic Profiling
  • Interrogative Interviews
Private Investigator Germany
German p.i. * Quellenangabe: © (typical sample)

Your German Private Bureau of Investigations

We are the professional and reliable counterpart if you come towards us with a civil case or if you are a victim of a criminal act. No matter if you are a private person or represent a company we will find a strategy to solve your problem. We are official sanctioned as Private Investigators and Private Detectives in the German legal space.

The German Private Bureau of Investigations

International connections with partner agencies and specialists on other subject areas, for example IT-Forensics, help us to work always in legal space and under the rules of law of the particular country. Our sting operations (surveillance) and background investigations underlie a constant quality control. The German Private Bureau of Investigations Detektiv SYSTEM Detektei ® offers services such as:

Civil Investigations – Cheating spouse, cheating business partners, Background check up (Future husband/wife, Business partners, employees, family members), Contract partners, Financial background, missing person, custody, all kind of abuse, stalking, court records, witness search, customer check, sickness leave control.

Criminal Investigations – Fraud and Theft Investigations, Identity Theft, Sexual Harassment, Stalking, Witness Locates or for instance Statements

Surveillance Services – Infidelity, Lifestyle, Theft, Long Term Disability, Labor Disputes, Employment, General security and such as Youth Problems

Covert Investigations – Surveillance, Internal Theft and Loss Prevention, Insurance/Injury Investigations plus Workers Comp. Investigation

Pre-Employment/Promotion Checks – Background Investigation, with consent Criminal Records and Credit Checks moreover Due Diligence

Security Services – Security Consultation, Personal Protection, Event security planning – corporate and private additionally protection from eavesdropping

Civil Investigations worldwide
PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS WORLDWIDE IN ACTION • Detektiv SYSTEM Detektei ® Germany (typical sample photo)

Our global-p.i.-network

Our commitment to excellence has earned us a reputation for professionalism, integrity, discretion and innovation. In conjunction with our team and other experts like law offices, IT specialists or our international partners, we develop innovative, convenient and long term solutions. We increase our action ability massively due to our global network. Extern partnership is common practise if you place value on internationality and the strong will to deliver excellent quality to the customer.

German Law and Rules

Problem-solving competence will be paired with expertise and creativity to reach our full potential. To do justice to the individual customer requirements is our motivation, Same as the whole company also all team-members are totally legalized by German Law and Rules to work as Private Investigators just like our partner agencies in their respective countries.

Detektiv SYSTEM Detektei ® 365/7/24

DSD Detektiv SYSTEM Detektei ® GmbH is twenty-four-seven for you available. If you have a generally question or concrete enquiry just contact us via phone or use our contact form. We will find a strategy for you.

Free Confidential Consultation > please call us by Telephone:  +4969 625536

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